Monday, January 18, 2010

Reading Questions

Some questions I have discovered tonight:

where is your focus when you read your Bible?

is it always on how to improve yourself?
do you ever think about what God is doing or what He is showing about Himself in any given passage?
what is your reaction to the postmodern school of thought we find ourselves in?
how are you battling/striving to show and believe the truth?

i started 2 new books tonight. well, i started one this morning (as in, read the first 3 paragraphs and got a kick in the pants), but re-read that part and really got into it tonight; along with a second:

1. In the Beginning, God,
by Marva J. Dawn

2. Deep Church,
by Jim Belcher

then, of course, i had some questions. wanted some answers. needed some clarification:
fair description (in layman's terms) of postmodernism here.
emerging church info here.

thus, the questions at the top of this post arrived. i don't have answers. i don't know if i'll agree with much of the books i'm reading. i don't even know if i'm asking the right questions, or enough questions; but i'm interested, my mind is going a-mile-a-minute, and i'm not sitting still, coasting on the "faith of my fathers" - this is real, this is life, this is true; and it's me, not someone else.

i believe, have no doubt about that, but i am re-thinking how i live, how i think, how i process, how i act. it's scary. there isn't a path defined for me to follow. but i know Who i'm following, and have absolute faith in Him - no matter how scary it gets.

these thoughts are pouring out of me. i think God appreciates that. i want to know Him better. i want to walk with Him on the path i've been hearing so much about - according to His will. i'm sure reading these books will conjure up many more questions. i'm sure i may be questioning things i never thought i would. but as long as i keep my focus on Him, and where He is leading me, i know (as solidly as i can - more than that, actually) that i will come out alright --

because i belong to Him.
wholly. completely.

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