Thursday, May 21, 2009

This challenge is hard...

Yup. We all knew it would be. And it delivered.
Or I should say: Satan knows what he's doing.

I am making phone calls, I am creating things.
I am editing things we thought we were done with. Things that have been sent on to those who need them to print. Things that have been through more than enough people already and should not be looked at again.

I am struggling to keep the attitude up.
And I hate the fact that this has become another post that is a downer instead of interesting or encouraging or fun.

Good thing God gave me a new Relient K cd to listen to today. And an older one that I love.
They are keeping me going, song by song; bit by bit - silliness, reminders of what God is doing/can do, etc. I actually really believe He did that for me, small though it may seem; it's huge for me today.

--Mood rings
--Gibberish: "Lirp crawn" "paravillintiniay"
--"nice to meet you, I'm your better half."
--"i'll never amount to the kind of person You deserve to worship You"
--"i'm getting into you because i've got to be; You're essential to survive. I'm gonna love you with my life."
--"i'll give until there's nothing else. give my all until it all runs out. and i'll have no regrets, i'll give until there's nothing left"
--Words of my Savior: "I am the Way. follow Me and take My hand. I am the Truth. embrace Me and you'll understand. and I am the Life and from Me you'll live again. for I am love.
I am Love.
I, I. Am. Love."

Praise my God, I'm back on track.

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