Thursday, May 21, 2009

The challenge took an interesting twist

When I left work today, I was pretty sure I'd failed the challenge completely. My post at 11:30 (or whatever) this morning got me back on track, and I continued to listen to my music during the duration of the afternoon, but I just kept getting bogged down by frustrations, and too much to do in the time I have left in the week. I'm sure you noticed from my late-afternoon-post.

Plus, I had told a friend I'd babysit for her tonight, and as they are moving soon (out of state) I wanted to go; not only for the reason of helping her and her husband have a night out, but to see them once more before they leave. It doesn't hurt that I've watched their son since he was only a few months old (now he's about a year and a half), and love him so much I will really miss him as much as I'll miss his mom. As the day went on, all I could think was "Ugh, I have to go babysit after this." But honestly, I could use the extra cash it will provide, AND I really don't know when I'll get to see them if it isn't today. "I should go." So, I left work, stopped by my house for a book to read after he went to bed, and headed over to their house. I only talked to her for a moment, and mainly about the basics for the evening. (I know that when they come home we'll have a good little chat.)

When I got to the house, the little guy was pretty sad. He cried when he realized Mommy & Daddy were gone, and it was just him & me for the night. But, as I sat in the chair hugging him, trying to calm him down, he put his sad little head on my shoulder and hugged me back. He stopped crying pretty quickly and we just cuddled for a few minutes. Then he was happy and smiling (as usual) and we spent the rest of the evening playing and having fun together (he loves his baths!) which was a very nice change of pace for me.

After bath time, he gets put down for bed. I picked him up and told him goodnight, and hugged him a little. Immediately, he hugged me back and leaned his head on my shoulder to cuddle. This was unusual. Almost every time I babysit in the past, oh, probably 6-9 months, he is ready for bed - no cuddling needed or wanted. He actually reaches toward his crib as soon as I pick him up. So the hugs and cuddles were unexpected and very sweet. And, as I stood there hugging him back, it dawned on me: this is a very good, positive, happy way to end a day; with a child hugging you, and loving on you a little. It was especially nice for me as (obviously) I don't get that very often.

I prayed over him standing there, and then put him in his crib, said goodnight again, and headed down to read my book. As I picked it up, I realized that my attempt to take the challenge did not end up how I expected it to, but I did reach my goal. I started and ended my day with a positive attitude. I prayed ALOT throughout the day. When I realized this, I just had to share it with you. I (and only with God's help) reached my goal today.

I'll be praying even more tonight and tomorrow.
And with God's help, tomorrow will be even better.


  1. Dude how did I not know about your blog???? That seems wrong to me. Well, yes I now have one as well so we can be blog buddies too.

  2. good job. appreciated being witness to your challenge today!