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Kara Views: Thor: The Dark World, Part 2

Aaand we're back! Onward to the second installment of Thor: The Dark World... (Again, internet being dumb-super-slow, so hopefully the rest of the pictures will be incorporated later... sorry if that makes it hard and/or boring to read! But hopefully you can slog through. If it helps, I have confidence in you.)

If you don't recall the first part (now with pictures!), you can read it here (do it do it do it). Ok, time to jump in.

Back on earth again, Darcy is ranting to Ian that no one will call her back, not even S.H.E.I.L.D. (Ian: What’s shield? Darcy: Secret. Shut up, intern, I’m venting here.), and then leaves another message for Selvig before seeing the news report about him on television. Gotta love Darcy. ;)

Heimdall and Thor talk in a bar (? I think?) that Malekith will return. Heimey will not go against his king’s wishes, but Thor says that Odin is blinded by hatred and by grief. Heimey agrees to do whatever Thor asks of him. Thor says it will be treason of the highest order. Success will bring the highest exile and failure will bring death. Thor acts to save Asgard so Malekith doesn’t destroy it. There are ways off Asgard that don’t use the Bifrӧst Bridge, but there is only one who knows the way. Loki.

Thor visits Loki at his cell. Loki is mistrusting and wants to know why, after all this time, Thor comes to him.
Loki: Have you come to gloat? To mock?
Thor: Loki, enough. No more illusions.
The sheen fades and we see a broken Loki. Unkempt, furniture smashed, injured, grieving. He wants vengeance and Thor admits a common interest there. He tells Loki he can have his vengeance and afterward this cell again. Thor also says he can no longer trust Loki, and that if he is betrayed he will kill him. He no longer has hope that his brother is “still in there.” There is a cut to Fandral telling Thor Loki will betray him, to which Thor answers, “He will try.”

They walk together down a hall, Loki is clearly excited to be out. Now we come to one of the best exchanges in this film:
Loki: This is so unlike you, brother. So… clandestine. Are you sure you wouldn’t rather punch your way out?
Thor: If you keep talking, I just might.
Loki: Fine, as you wish. I’m not even here. (He shifts into a simple Asgardian soldier in full armor) Is this better?
Thor: It’s better company at least.
Loki: Still, we could be less conspicuous. (He shifts back to himself, and changes Thor into Sif) Mm, brother, you look ravishing.
Thor: It will hurt no less when I kill you in this form.
Very well, perhaps you prefer one of your new companions, given that you seem to like them so much. (Thor returns to his own form, and Loki becomes Captain America in full costume) Oh, this is much better! Woah. Costume’s a bit much. So tight! But the confidence. I can feel the righteousness surging. Hey! Wanna have a rousing discussion about truth, honor, patriotism? God bless Amer- (Thor stops his mouth and puts him against the wall and he returns to his own form) What? (he follows Thor’s gaze at a pair of guards passing by) You could at least furnish me with a weapon. My dagger. Something! (Thor puts something in Loki’s hands, we hear metal) At last, a little common sense. (He holds up his hands and we see they are in handcuffs.)
(smiles) I thought you liked tricks. (he chuckles)
We keep going back to the planning table as we see their conversation and how it actually plays out. Jane meets Loki. She has a penchant for slapping people. At least Loki deserves it. Odin gives the order to stop Thor with any means necessary. Sif threatens Loki before he leaves with Thor: betray him and I’ll kill you. Moments later, we see Volstagg threaten Loki if he betrays Thor as well.
Volstagg: If you even think about betraying him –
Loki: You’lllllllll kill me? Evidently there will be a line.
Loki and Thor are taking a ship from the hall (one of the villain's abandoned ones) to escape, and Thor has no idea what he's doing. Push the button/I am. Hahaha. Loki keeps telling him what he's doing wrong or that he should do something. This leads us to “Shut up, Loki," which is one of the funniest lines I’ve ever heard Thor say. It just seems so out of place for Mister Proper Speech. And we get to hear it again! Thor turns the ship around in the hall taking out most of the columns.
Loki: I think you missed a column.
Thor: Shut up!
Jane is collapsed on the floor but tells Thor she’s ok when he asks. Asgardian ships are following and shooting at them. Loki is being a very diligent commentator. “Well done, you just decapitated your grandfather.” Thanks for that, Captain Obvious. I preferred you as Captain America.
Loki: This is a tremendous idea. Let’s steal the biggest most obvious ship in the universe and escape in that! … It’s brilliant, Thor! It’s truly brillia-
(Thor hurls Loki out of the ship and jumps out with Jane in his arms, into a skiff piloted by Fandral.)
Fandral: (laughing) I see your time in the dungeon has made you no less graceful, Loki.
Loki: You lied to me! (he smiles) I’m impressed.
Nice one, Thor and Fandral. Nice.

Now the boys are fighting. Shocking. Ahahaha, Loki calls it out. Even their mother wouldn’t be shocked at their fighting. Loki tells Thor to trust his rage. Loki apparently loved Frigga. Good to know.

Meanwhile, Darcy and Ian are pretending Ian is Erik Selvig’s son so they can get him out of the mental hospital. Selvig embraces Darcy and won’t let go until she tells him it’s “getting weird now.”
Ian: Are you alright?
Selvig: I’ve had a god in my brain. I don’t recommend it.
(A flock of birds swirls around Selvig, Darcy and Ian as they leave the hospital. The birds then disappear into a portal.) WELL THAT WAS VERY 'THE BIRDS.' NO THANK YOU. Selvig, at least likes it, because it proves the world is crazier than he is, and he dumps his meds in a trash can.

Jane wakes up on the ship and has demon eyes. She knows Malekith is near. She whispers his name, which is creepy.

Battle scene. Thor and Loki and Jane approach Malekith and his army. Thor still does not trust Loki, as is right, especially since as soon as his handcuffs are off, he pulls his dagger and stabs Thor, kicking him down the mountain. Saying he never cared about Frigga or any of them. He cuts off Thor’s hand as he reaches for the Mjӧlnir. Um, No?

Loki takes Jane and gives her to Malekith. Thor is shown grasping his bleeding stump of a wrist, writhing on the ground in the background. Malekith kicks him over, and raises Jane into the air. He begins to remove the Aether from her as we see the worlds aligning and the Aether doing its work of creating darkness in her mind. She falls to the ground and Thor shouts “Loki! Now!” Ah, yes, I recall. Loki gestures toward Thor whose illusion fades and he stretches his arm (which is completely fine) out to grab the Mjӧlnir. Loki covers Jane as Thor strikes the Aether still hanging in the air with lighting from the Mjӧlnir. It is shredded but not destroyed. It begins to reassemble itself. Malekith seems to have control over it. Yep. It soars into him. Now he has demon eyes. (Like he needed to be any creepier.) One of the soldiers throws a disintegrating bomb and Loki throws Jane out of the path, which means he is sucked toward it. Thor flies by, saving him. They fight the soldiers of Malekith as he gets away on his ship. Loki is surrounded but does fairly well for himself. Thor is being pummeled by the large beasty thing like what we saw in the prison at Asgard. Loki stabs it from behind. It turns and pulls Loki onto the spears. Loki activates the imploding bomb. Loki is dying, and Thor is sad. He hadn’t actually given up hope, now, had he? He says he’ll tell their father what Loki did to save his people, the people of Asgard. Loki says he didn’t do it for Odin, and then Loki dies.

Side note: Is it bad that I still don’t trust Loki enough to believe that he’s dead? I mean, I know I just watched it, but I can’t remember how this ends, and yet I still think he’s gonna resurface…

Jane tells Thor what she saw – Malekith on earth. Thor comforts her that by finding the Aether, she kept Malekith from finding it that much longer. Their tender moment is interrupted by her terrible ringtone, which she answers. It’s Richard (Chris O’Dowd has a name!) and he’s adorable. She keeps him on the line so she can find the portal. Nice job, scientist. Thor and Jane get in the car they find (her car from earlier?) and they go to the apartment. Ah, yes, Thor hanging Mjӧlnir on the coatrack. Haha.

Selvig is thrilled that Loki’s dead but at least he has the courtesy to say he’s sorry.

Oh crap Loki. That soldier doesn’t look like Loki, but I bet you it is. Dang it. He tells Odin a body was found and Odin says “Loki” confirming to Loki that Odin expects him to fail. Boo. Loki and his grudges.GRR.

Of course the coordinates lead to Greenwich. Everything happens in England (see: Doctor Who). They go to Greenwich and start setting up the thing (that no one explains and Ian and Darcy don’t understand) and Malekith’s ship arrives. Screaming, running people, concrete being torn up, you know: the usual.

Something creepy’s going on with the sky. Ah, hello Thor. Malekith is now integrated with the Aether so it’s subject to his will. Great. Nice play by Thor to use the portals. Darcy and Ian get moved by the thing and two of Malekith’s soldiers appear. Ian screams like a little boy. Darcy grabs him and they run.

People in the library are taking pictures and video of Thor out the window instead of running for their lives. Jane calls them out. They point out that “Thor’s out there, with his hammer and everything!” Silly humans more concerned with getting footage of Thor than running for your life. Nice commentary there, writers/directors/producers.

A battle scene ensues between Thor and Malekith as well as the British army? and other ones? that takes us between portals constantly. Ian saves Darcy by using the low gravity to hit the alien soldiers with a car.

And here we have my other favorite interaction:
Darcy and Ian appear through a portal while kissing.  

Jane: Darcy?
Darcy: (drops Ian) Jane!
Erik: Ian!
Ian: Selvig!
Darcy: Mew-mew!
Thor’s Mjӧlnir zooms by. 
If I didn't love how she says "mew-mew!" so much, I'd say she really needs to learn the word.

Thor winds up in a tube station, gets on to go back to Greenwich, we have the funny mini-scene of the woman falling against him as the tube starts up – and his cheeky little smirk.

We’re out of time! The Aether is encompassing Malekith’s ship and up into the other worlds. Thor takes the sticks from Jane. He can get close enough. Jane looks (rightly) worried. 

Thor, intelligently, throws the sticks at him so he thinks it’s a weapon – he catches it and loses limbs to other areas.
Malekith: The Aether cannot be destroyed.
Thor: But you can.
Classic hero-to-villain line.

Thor runs at him as he stretches his hand out for his hammer. He defeats Malekith, but falls to earth. Jane runs to protect him from the falling ship. Selvig does the trick one last time and the ship falls on Malekith on his homeworld instead. Thor will be ok. Darcy turns to kiss Ian because why not? The world’s been saved.

The scene shifts to the apartment (Jane's) a couple days later. Darcy reassures her he’ll come back, though last time it was two years… Jane says Thor had some things to work out with his father. After all, he did commit treason on his way out.

Odin talks with Thor in the throne room. Thor says he cannot be king, but he will protect it with his last breath. He says he’d rather be a good man than a great king. He tells Odin he doesn’t do it for Jane, that whatever he does is
Odin: One son who wanted the throne too much, and one who does not want it at all. Is this to be my legacy?
Thor: Loki died with honor. I will try to do the same. Is that not legacy enough?
Odin refuses to give his blessing. But then he says: If I were proud of the man my son had become, even that I could not say. It would speak only from my heart. Go, my son. (Finally, some caring coming through... I think.)

Aaaand, then we see Odin is actually Loki in one of his illusions. Great. (I TOLD you he’d be back!)

The credits roll.

Credits scene: This is obviously a teaser for Guardians of the Galaxy. Though why Sif and Volstagg are there doesn’t make sense to me. The Collector is creepy. The tesseract. Right. So he’s going to keep it safe. Uh, right.
The Collector: One down. Five to go.
So he’s collecting them for the evil guy? The red one I can’t recall the name of right now?? What the heck?

The music swells as the rest of the credits roll. This stuff is so … it makes you want to DO something. It’s like … motivational music. Thrilling in the best way. Then it slips into what sounds like loyalty-to-country-slash-funeral music for Frigga. Sad/soothing. I like this kind too. Good job, composer(s) and musicians.

After credits scene!
In the apartment, everyone (Darcy, Ian, Selvig, Jane) putzing around. We hear thunder. Thor appears on the balcony and Jane rushes out to meet him. They embrace in a kiss.*

Then, randomly, we see birds flying out of the warehouse and a giant lizard thing appearing next to it and chasing them. Guys, Jurassic World isn’t in the Marvel world. Wrong franchise. (Haha, yes, I know, it's one of the things from Malekith's world that escaped and is harmless or something. Still it looks like a Jurassic creature and a mistake of which world we're in - but it is funny.)

OK! That’s the end of my take on Thor: The Dark World! *whew*

*End note: The end scene of Thor and Jane kissing is Chris Hemsworth and his wife, Elsa Pataky, who’s the same height and build as Natalie Portman, as she (Natalie) was unavailable to shoot the additional scene. How sweet. :)

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