Saturday, December 5, 2015

Introducing: Kara Views

If you know me much at all, you know I am an avid reader. I mean, I have a page dedicated to what books I'm reading (and have read) on this blog! But I watch a fair amount of tv and movies too, and I love re-watching because many things just get better with time. Due to this mass amount of watching that occurs, a couple of my dear friends often get random texts of me wondering what's happening or getting frustrated or scared for characters on said program. Or they get random quotes that are funny or profound. These often become part of our regular conversations. Sometimes they've seen the show/movie, sometimes they haven't (in which case I do my best to not give spoilers). About a month ago, I asked on Facebook if anyone would care to read a blog post of me watching these shows. The response was pretty positive given my expectations (haha), so I'm gonna go for it - even if it's mostly for me (and so I don't text those two quite as much).

These posts will be titled "Kara Views: (Name of Show/Movie)" and I will not make ANY promises for how often they will appear. ;) I will also try not to post so many in a row (if I'm in a binge-watching streak) as to overwhelm anyone who actually decides to try reading these.

I'll tag them with "kara views," "television" or "movies" as appropriate, and probably the name of the program as well. If there are several seasons, I'll try to include that too.

Head's up: a few I will likely start with are ones for which I have seen a season (or two) already, and I will not be going back to re-watch those for this project. I will give a (spoiler-y) synopsis enough to move on to whatever season I'm watching. I won't start in the middle of any seasons.

If you don't like the current choice of topic, that's cool, but don't give up. I'm an equal opportunity watcher - though there won't be any horror, and nothing too extremely suspenseful. I plan to start with a Hallmark show (Season 2 is calling), and am thinking I'll be posting about a Marvel movie or two very shortly afterwards.

That's the gist, folks. Enjoy! ;)

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