Sunday, October 21, 2012

Prayer for Strangers

Tonight I find myself thinking a lot about people I don't know. Specfic people I don't know. Their names are Chad and Chris. They live in Europe, but I don't know exactly where (though I do have a better guess than I'm willing to share for the time being). I don't even know how well they know each other or how much they work together. What I do know is that they have a meeting (meetings?) tomorrow or Tuesday that will impact how they minister in the coming months, possibly years.

Despite how much I don't know, and will likely never know, they have been on my mind much of yesterday and most of today. I feel almost inexplicably that I need to be praying for them, for this (these?) meeting(s), and for the future they will be part of - either separately or together. So I pray, and I trust God; for them, and for me.

Lord God, You know ALL the details. The ones I don't, the ones Chad and Chris don't, the ones Andrew doesn't; You already see how it all works out and comes together. You have a plan for each of their lives from tomorrow to next week to next month to next year. Whatever direction they are looking into for the mission that is their life, I ask that they would have clear minds, pure hearts, and lean on Your guidance in any decisions they need to make. I pray you would give them the clarity to ask pertinent questions, and not to do what they will, but what You will for the future of the people they serve, and serve with. As they move through this week, give them encouragement, give them stamina, give them courage; show them a little more of You through their work, through their families. I know that as they seek to follow Your plan, the outcome will be what is best, and what will glorify You.
Father, I know that you have put Chad and Chris on my mind this weekend for a reason. I don't know if I will ever even have a conversation with them, or if it is just a step along my journey with you that I even have heard their names, but You do. Perhaps it is purely because they needed an extra prayer warrior going into the meeting this week. Maybe its because it is stretching my faith, my obedience to You even in something that seems small, in something that even feels a little odd. To be praying for them by name, though, I feel like Your power is being used through my obedience. So thank You for using me, for not letting me push away the thought of what I feel like You'd asked me to do. Stand beside Chad, stand beside Chris, and even Andrew and his family as they get ready for the field again. Show them that Your strength is holding them, guiding them and their families. Bless them richly for their obedience to You and the calling You've placed on their lives. Amen.

And with that, I say goodnight.

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