Wednesday, March 7, 2012

on lethargy

ever have one of those days when you just cannot accomplish ... ANYTHING??

today was like that. yesterday was full of meetings, which sort of kills the day. then i went home to clean (yay for finally putting christmas away!) and followed that with some fun things (dye your hair, paint your nails, watch quirky british detective-meets-horticulture show) for myself; my reward for a crazy week last week.

today i planned to accomplish much. but after "settling in" at work took FAR more than the usual 20 minutes this morning, i kind of just putzed around until lunch, then rushed back for a meeting after which i ACOMPLISHED NOTHING. seriously, i know i did get some things done today, but i just felt so lethargic! i couldn't shake it either, so that was a little weird. usually i can shake it by taking a little walk, getting some fresh water, or chatting to a friend for a few minutes. today, no dice. i couldn't get focused. i couldn't even remember from one moment to the next what it was i was planning to do next!

yes, i know: tomorrow's another day! it will keep! it's ok to have days like this! we all do! but it certainly was a little disconcerting. not terrible, but i sure hope it doesn't continue into tomorrow or it will be a very very VERY long night - and that would not be good!

in a little bit, i'm off to small group to connect with friends and God's Word. here's hoping it resets both my energy and focus levels and makes tomorrow much more productive. ;)

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