Friday, March 9, 2012

"if you feel my love"

(over the past couple days i've seen this phrase a few places, and a tune has been running through my head. i have no idea what the tune is - it's probably parts of about a thousand songs that have lines like this one in them. in any case, tonight as i was humming to myself, this -bizarre- poem started to write itself. it is not intended to make sense, since it doesn't, and it is not meant to be a song or a thematic anything. it just wanted to come out.)

blue. deep blue.
stucco on my ceiling.
the soothing sound of steam
while i’m agitated. anxious.

i smell something soft and furry
it’s crazy since i have no pet,
but i do.
it's sort of calming.
the dim light of my bedside lamp
makes the atmosphere for a tired evening

“if you feel my love,”
you can come closer
but you don’t,
so you can’t.
neither can i

just lonely.
just quiet.
just peace.

despite all my words
i don’t have much to say
and none of it makes
any sense

but it’s ok.
let's just leave it be
at least tonight

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