Monday, January 16, 2012

Doctor in the House

I'm obsessed with Doctor Who. Those who know me IRL are not surprised by this statement. Well, maybe you are - it goes in waves. I love the show, but lately, I've been missing it, so I've been compensating in other ways: watching older episodes/re-watching the Christmas episode, making DW crafts, and so on. (yes, crafts.)

I love that it helps me escape in an interesting, thought provoking way. I love that I can have fun conversations with friends (and strangers) face to face as well as over the internet about the joys of the Doctor's world, etc. I love that I can talk about it with a dear friend at work who geeks out over it as much as I do. I love that my dad, mom, youngest brother, and his girlfriend will all geek out over it with me, discuss the possibilities to come, and watch previous episodes together pointing out the things we hope the other didn't miss. Oh, and the quoting of all the good lines. We've had entire conversations that are mostly just quoting sections of one episode after another. good fun. ;)

Sometimes you just need that little escape into something that is fun, still interesting, but has nothing whatsoever to do with your normal life. I've also been hoping to catch up on "Classic Doctor" but am having trouble finding episodes at all, much less in order (which I'd prefer).

What get's you relaxed/geeked out?

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