Tuesday, February 22, 2011

"K" mug

Yes, I caved, and bought the "k" mug from Hobby Lobby...at least it was on sale! It's a small, cheap, simple thing, but it makes me a little happier today.

In other news, February's ALMOST OVER! What?? Wow, that went fast. Though in times it seemed to be dragging, it flew by. I remember in January, when all the changing started, I thought it would be even slower to go through time expecting and wondering what to expect. Truthfully, it has felt long, and stressful, and crazy sometimes, but minutes seem to keep marching on in their (seemingly) never-ending-parade through the universe. Things have been out of the ordinary this year, this month, and I think I'm beginning to believe my best friend may be right: we should ban February from the calendar. (Well, except the birthdays of those we love. 'Cuz we still want them around. Other than that, though, it's outta here!) It seems to bring nothing but crazy situations, random people (in her case, not mine), insane outcomes, etc. It's not been boring, I can assure you.

Crazy *ahem* times.

Now, as I ponder all that will/may/could come in the next month (or 3, or 8), I am feeling overwhelmed. So, I plan to go home with my "K" mug, drink some tea, watch some Gilmore Girls, work on a cross stitch project, and perhaps read. Wow. Now I'm overwhelmed with my plans for relaxing! "I think I need a break. A little break? Okay. Whew!"

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