Monday, March 22, 2010

Wondering why - and it's not good.

------- we interrupt this broadcast to bring you some ranting--------

Why it always seems like money is wasted when the product isn't exactly what you'd expected, but saved money and will work great - help with limitations, help with little hands, help with budget. Why is it that you must order new, larger bags (which cost more to begin with) and then have to pay for rush processing and shipping?

Why does it always happen when it is the most stressful time already?

Why is it that no one can make a decision without going through someone else?

Why is it that there seems to be no trust, no appreciation, no team attitude, no lifting others up, only pushing them down - hard and fast?


I know: let's stress everyone out past their limit (x10) and see how long they last. Then when we need to replace 4 people, and are wondering why, maybe this will be the telling thing. Will this be remembered?

No. No, it won't.

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