Friday, February 26, 2010

getting sucked in

there are far too many sites to interact with/watch/see pictures of/stalk other people. strange. very.

and yet.

i'm getting sucked in.
wholly and completely.
and quickly.

it's rather frightening.

it all started with email. darn that new internet thing. back in the... whenever it was... moving on.

then came facebook - and i held off. it got huge while i was in college, but i didn't really care. heck, i hardly checked email that much, except when i had to for class stuff. suddenly, it was how i stayed in contact with my couple friends from high school, and those who had graduated from college - i believe it began with staying in touch over the first summer. i graduated, email was part of everyday life, like phone calls. no biggie.

and then.
i caved. it is now part of my life - like email. although it seems to be dwindling in many ways - especially with people my age. it seems to still be pretty big with high schoolers and with parents who keep family and friends updated about their kids and such. i must admit, i love being able to see pics of my sweet niece whenever my brother or sister have time to post them. i also am thrilled with the fact that i can keep updated with friends and family who live out of town, out of state, even out of the country. fabulous. even if it's getting 'old' it still serves a fairly decent purpose.

ok. so. recap: email - check. facebook - check. twitter? youtube? blogging? others? not so much. yet.

sure, i used youtube to look stuff up, i watch videos. i do not videoblog. i don't have a youtube channel. although, thanks to mrboyproductions, i started check their youtube channel (and now a few others) from time to time. great videos. example here.

then my brother stepped in.
he uses the internet in a way i hadn't even thought about (really) before. he gets to know people. part of this is because he's just cool like that. when he was in edinburgh, he met some of these people. but he 'knew' several of them before. crazy. he plays chess. he makes up riddles. they converse, trade ideas, jokes, favorite beers. he met this one guy from scotland. well, before that he sent me this video (very funny) to watch, that a friend had shared with him. and he kept following this scottish guy and shortly thereafter found and sent me this one (yes, we're Doctor Who fans...) and then ... he (my bro) met him when he was there for a year. they're actually friends now - at least from what i can gather.

then i began this blog. it's been a year and a half already - what??!?!? - and this (woah) is my 100th post (woot!). crazy.

when my brother was home for christmas he showed me all these sites - the chess ones (yup, more than one), the discussion forums, twitter, dailybooth, etc.

two days ago, i joined twitter.
i'm still not sure how i feel about that.

i think i'm secretly stalking my own brother.
and i may not even know it.

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