Monday, December 1, 2008

A Wonderful Thanksgiving is over... comes CHRISTMAS!!!!

I, personally, was jumping for joy as it started to snow on me when I was walking into church yesterday morning. Not outwardly, of course, that would make me look ridiculous. But inwardly, I was jumping higher than the moon.

Many of my friends, and most of the people I work with (not all, mind you, but most) wish the snow was over already - the plowing, the scraping, the brushing of snow off of cars. Well, I suppose there is one weekend in December for which they will allow and even pray for snow (and it isn't surrounding Christmas), but other than that, they wish it was closer to 90 degrees again. (no thanks, yuck.)

Of those people, many of them have no good excuse! They've grown up here, in the midwest, with crazy-long winters that linger forever (not my favorite, but not unexpected) and no excuse to behave like they came from Florida or California. But they do. You'd think they'd just moved here. oy. There are a couple who legitimately have that excuse (I know from the experience of watching my mom that although you may have lived in the midwest for several years, you never really get used to it if you grew up in a warmer climate), however, I just can't understand it.

It isn't that I enjoy being cold. I don't. I like to be warm & cozy. I enjoy it in the spring and summer when the sun is out and I can be outside alot. BUT: what better time to be bundled up in a blanket (coziest thing ever) than when there is snow outside and the temperature is around or just below freezing? Does a fire ever feel better than then? Does a cup of warm hot cocoa ever taste better? I think not. Plus, I just don't like it when you're uncomfortably warm and can't do anything about it. When it's cold you just get to add more comfy blankets and drink more delicious tea. It just makes me so happy! Add a good book into the mix, and I may never leave.

So, if you are one of those who are wishing it were June already, just let me give you this bit of advice. We're just at the beginning of winter (don't let that depress you). Don't be discouraged, don't be sad, or angry. Just give in to the wonders this season brings. I encourage you to look out your window at the branch of a tree covered in icicles and snow and look at the amazing designs - they are so delicate and so beautiful, and this is the time of year to take it in. You can't stare at snow in June, or even March* for that matter. Enjoy the snow while it lasts. Go sledding with family or friends. Curl up with a hot drink and a book. Spend some time thinking about the wonders of winter. It's a magical thing.

*I realize that last year, this was not entirely true. There was snow on Easter Sunday, in early April. But, really folks, that's not common, even here. So- take this for what it was meant to be, ok? ;)

(Did you find the secrets? It should please you, Haggis boy,
aka. Duggert...)

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