Thursday, December 18, 2008

Long time...

Apparently I am horrid when it comes to posting. The problem is, I never can really latch onto a subject I deem worthy of writing about.

Please forgive me if you've been checking this blog hoping to find something new for weeks now, only to be disappointed... or maybe you've stopped checking; how sad...

I have rediscovered the joy a candle can bring. Have you ever sat back to just enjoy a candle? (Yes, guys can do this too.) I have one on my desk at work (I only burn it when I'm going to be sitting at my desk for awhile, no runs to the closets or basement or anything - saftey first!) and it is wonderful. It has a nice subtle scent: something berry-ish, and sort of Christmas-y... maybe pomegranate something? I can't remember the exact name it had on the long-gone label. But, this evening as I waited for choir to begin, when I have to rush downstairs (in approximately 30 seconds from now) I have enjoyed this little pleasure in the warmth of my office. What a great little treat.

Pick up a candle, think about things, and check back soon. I may have thought up a little more from my candle-time to share. :)

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