Tuesday, November 19, 2013

What do you do?

What do you do when you don't know what step to take next?

No, really. What do you do?
I worry. Then I realize I missed something vitally important, and I pray. Then I worry some more. And then pray some more. Then I find myself wondering what logistical or physical step I could take to move forward, but I (more often than not) have no idea where to start. So then the worrying starts anew.

I hate it.
So, in the interest of pushing myself into a good next step, I'd like to hear yours.
Would you share it with me?


  1. Depending on the situation and how clueless I feel, I spend some time in personal meditation with God, reading Scripture, reading Christian nonfiction books, listening to sermon podcasts, listening on Christian music, writing, just sitting and thinking sometimes. I turn my heart's ears on to the Spirit, and try to listen to His whispering through the above mentioned activities.

    Another thing I do is seek wise counsel. I explain the conundrum to those who I believe will have wise counsel, those who are walking with the Lord closely and who I believe have wisdom. I take their advice seriously and consider it. If someone suggests something that seems to resound with my spirit and with the Spirit within me, then I prayerfully move forward with that decision.

  2. Thanks Melissa - very good ideas!