Wednesday, July 7, 2010

90 degrees is far too hot, it causes stream of consciousness

i feel like it's been forever since i last wrote...

but it was less than a week ago.


and, two of my last three posts were about the World Cup.
sorry about that. (but not really)
it's almost over, and then you won't hear about it so much anymore.
but no guarantees i'll quit writing about REAL football. ;)

it's been 90 degrees for the past, well, almost week. or at least it's been flirting with 90 that long. and it has gone over that mark more than twice. i hate it. really. i enjoy the sun, i enjoy warm weather, i like to go swimming, take walks, etc. But when it's 90, you can't do any of that. cuz afterward you feel gross, hot and sticky, even dizzy because you're dehydrated. yuck. my ideal would be 72-76. i think. although mid-60s is real nice too. and of course, snow.

i think i want a puppy. but i have no yard or time to train it. i think i want a kitten. but i have no time to train it, and no real space for it anyway. i would name my puppy... pookie. or lucy. or maybe dopey. cuz i like that dwarf. i would name my kitten mittens. or sunny. or something rat pack like sammy or dean.

and i've been reading this blog and it's so SO great, and it makes me smile EVERY time. everytime.

i'm going to see my dear friend TOMORROW. i can't wait. we're gonna see a movie. we're gonna do some shopping. the kind i like. i can't wait. I CAN'T WAIT.

time to get back to work.
i guess.

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  1. I swear everyone is reading the Owl City Blog!