Friday, February 20, 2009


It is an interesting thing. And whenever I think about it too deeply, I end up slightly scared because I really can't comprehend it fully. God didn't design my mind to be able to do that. And, even though I trust Him fully, sometimes things like time and eternity scare me.

This theological and intangible subject of time is not, however, the original reason for this post. I don't plan to get into quite that depth right now. It is merely a reflection of the perception I have of time this week. On Monday, I knew that it would be a long week; I had an event coming up for which there was a ton of work to do. Sometimes, that amount of work helps time go quickly, and though I spent alot of time working on it, I felt like it was simultaneously going far far too quickly, and would never ever end. Yesterday was one of the longest quickest days ever. I was running out of time quite literally - the event was yesterday evening - but I felt like 5:30 would never come. Then, it did, and I was running around finding things, talking to people, tallying items, cleaning, and BOOM: it was 9:30. What happened to those 4 hours?

How is it that we have such a strange & contradictory thought process or "feeling" about time? And, that it happens most when we are either a) very very busy or stressed or b) wishing that Christmas break would never end (or whatever time off you have). We feel like this week will never end, but then, all of the sudden, it's over. We think that special day will never come, but then, it was a week ago already. Is there any other way of experiencing time? I'm not sure that there is. I don't know if I've ever felt like "yeah, this week was about a week long" or "yeah, that felt like it went at about the right speed (of time)."

I kind of feel like laughing now. Time sure is a funny thing.

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